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The Drawbacks of Freedom Essay - 947 Words

The United States constitution grants many freedoms with minimal to no restrictions, which can be considered beneficial to the public. In â€Å"we are free to be you, me, stupid, and dead† by Roger Rosenblatt, he relays the disadvantages of limitless freedom. He focuses mainly on freedom of speech and the possible drawbacks to having ungoverned freedom of expression. Roger points out the public faulty rationale in the first paragraph as he says, â€Å"Everyone loves free expression as long as it isnt exercised†. Here, Roger reveals the contradiction between the people’s demand for the expansion of their freedoms, and their unwillingness to tolerate the results. Simply put, Roger believes that people support freedom of speech as long it does not†¦show more content†¦Moreover, he believes that such ungoverned freedom is damaging. He continues his argument through the showing how unrestricted freedoms can test ones capacity for toleration. He shows examples of how certain individuals or groups misuse the freedoms granted, as he relays some of the extremist groups that used freedom of speech as a method to create dismay. As usual, he supports his statements by giving examples to provoke his readers into agreeing with him. He creates several worst-case scenarios to prove his point, such as editorials sympathizing with Taliban or Nazis want to march around Harlem. Through these examples, Roger shows that even though freedom of expression protects these actions, people do not tolerate them. Using the previous statements, Roger progressed to his premise. People do not know their toleration limits since people do not know what they will tolerate. They are not in a position to ask for the expansion of the freedom of expression. He starts to wonder how far ungoverned freedom will affect our perceptions and behaviors. Moreover, Roger describes freedom as a legal drug, being freedom can be harmful yet its use does not oppose the law. In other words, Roger believes that freedom is double-edged sword. Roger continues his argument with an example that clarifies the effect of ungoverned freedom on the people’s approach to certain actions. He calls to mind a story that he wrote, which included an interview he did with the companyShow MoreRelatedSocieties Maintaining Control in The Allegory of the Cave and The Giver765 Words   |  3 Pagesdifferent drawbacks and weaknesses. In â€Å"The Allegory of the Cave† the prisoners are physically immobilized, while in â€Å"The Giver,† they have climate control. â€Å"The people have been in this dwelling since childhood, shackled by the legs and neck.† This quote shows that the puppeteers horribly shackle the prisoners since childhood, which is a major drawback. â€Å"‘Climate control, snow made growing food difficult, limited the agricultural period.’† (83) The community of â€Å"The Giver† has a drawback that limitsRead MoreCapitalism : Benefits And Drawbacks Essay823 Words   |  4 PagesCapitalism: Benefits and Drawbacks Every year around christmas, a plethora of angry people proclaim the sins of capitalism. These people claim that America’s fixation on material goods and other key elements of capitalism completely destroy the true meaning of what is supposed to be a holy holiday. They cite the people suffering in other countries who make America’s products, as well as many other credible arguments against the morality of a free-trade market. What these people refuse to acknowledgeRead MoreThe Potential Drawbacks Of Entrepreneurship1404 Words   |  6 Pagesbusiness has many advantages but has an equal amount of drawbacks which prospective entrepreneurs should be aware of before deciding to own a business. The aim of this research is to depict the potential drawbacks of entrepreneurship. These drawbacks are rarely known or considered by individuals wanting to own a business (Kirby, 2003). They therefore blindly step into the world of entrepreneurship and suffer from the effects of the se drawbacks which they did not know of or expect. Importance of thisRead MoreUs Vs Us Healthcare System731 Words   |  3 Pagesdetermine which system is better in terms of economics. Finally there are many drawbacks and benefits of each system There are a lot of benefits for consumers in the United States like the freedom to choose an insurer, advanced medical equipment, and there are incentives to get a job because many employers give their workers an insurance plan. These benefits are great in terms of economy.but they also have drawback like coverage plans don’t always work in every hospital and insurance can be expensiveRead MoreInventions In The Gilded Age1140 Words   |  5 Pagesarticles targeted by the KKK (White League). Black Codes were laws that had intent and the effect of restricting African Americans freedom, and of compelling them to work in a labor economy based on low wages or debt. After the black codes law, then came the literary tests, Jim Crow laws, and poll taxes. An advantage for African Americans was how they got freedom, but the disadvantage was that they were separated from everyone else. Labor unions American Federation of Labor (AFL) was foundedRead MoreDisadvantages Of Communism1465 Words   |  6 Pagesto you. The idea here is to give proper education to Americans about this social system, and improve the knowledge about our own government. Communism, like all governmental systems, has many advantages. It is not a surprise that it also has many drawbacks. The very best part of having a democratic government is that I can share my own opinion with you. Communism, like all governmental systems, has many advantages. It’s biggest benefit is managing the problem of unintelligent people in the societyRead MoreCapitalism Vs. Communism And Communism1266 Words   |  6 Pagesand better society, there should be individual decision making. People should allow to make whatever they want to make with minimal government interference. It gives freedom to people in business. The United States of America was one first countries that practiced the capitalism. The benefits of the capitalism far outweigh its drawbacks. The capitalist state political system is democracy. People have the right to choose their own representatives. One person is not leading the all power which will leadRead MoreThe Life Of Frederick Douglas, By Fredrick Douglas1601 Words   |  7 Pagespublished. The ability to read and write presented itself as an opportunity to freedom. As he developed and began thinking on a higher level it allowed for him to be more aware of his environment and opportunities. This became Fredrick’s ‘golden ticket’. Hand over fist, every day he would get better with his ability to compose pieces and read letters. This means that every day he became closer and closer to the actuality of freedom. It can also be said that one of the greatest benefits of Douglas havingRead Moredemocratic leadership style1634 Words   |  7 Pagesto finish without any flexibility recognition of achievement, realize full potentials Disadvantages of democratic leadership style: Thesis statement: despite all the advantages of democratic leadership style, there are some restrictions and drawbacks. Content: democratic leader ship style is not always feasible or effective in all situations. E.G.: maximize the production, when the business owes to much money to the suppliers, in aim to get through some hard times like the economic crisis Read MorePhilosophy of Punishment: Deterrence General and Specific1084 Words   |  5 Pagessomething wrong, if so how they will avoid committing future crimes. The offender should also somehow pay restitution to the victim of the crime (depending on the crime). With both, there are of course drawbacks. Specifically focused on general deterrence, first drawback would be to how Idaho could create a preventative program that isn’t considered to be over the top or out of line. Another issue is gaining funding to create a preventative program. The parents of the youth also have

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