Thursday, February 27, 2020

Essay about readings Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

About readings - Essay Example I always use to use my beloved site for at least 2 to 3 hours a day that comprises various activities of my interest. The most amazing thing about Facebook is that I am getting tremendous knowledge about the events going on around me as current affairs. I am not a big fan of politics. However, when I see funny side of politics shared by my friends, I start taking interest in politics naturally. I visit the posts of my friends to get some information about the general events or other technological advances. It has helped me a great deal in enhancing my knowledge and horizon. My association with Facebook was very similar to the attachment of (Gathman) with cell phones. His emotions were totally integrated with his phone that he loved so much. He discovered all the aspects of the phone to find out its versatility. He explained his association with the mobile in terms of calls, texts and other purposes. Same is the case with me and Facebook. I want to explore every bit of it. I keep searching for various entertainment, informative, and technological set ups on this social media. Facebook has some kind of psychological connection with me. Whenever, I get five minutes free from my classes, I use to open my beloved site from my mobile. I am very thankful to the university to provide the Wi-Fi internet service throughout the college that allows me to use the social media wherever I go in the campus. It is very easy to open the ‘Home’ page and start navigating from top to bottom. It’s a great feeling whenever the theme of Facebook appears in front of my eyes. It gives me feelings of satisfaction and removes my boredom. Visiting Facebook regularly has become the part and parcel of my daily activities. It feels like something is missing when I don’t visit my social media for some hours. Some kind of chasm starts appearing in the mind as I get far from my mobile phone for some

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